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Mining Machinery Questions and Answers - 4

1. what is the main purpose of jazz rail on underground haulage track

2. which of the following action is observed in shaker conveyor

3. how do you achieve "trough shape" in a belt conveyor

4. which of the following seems to be the better location of installing drop-war-Wick?

5. which of the following gear is suitable for cable belt conveyor

6. method of joining two wire ropes permanently without using special fittings or attachments is known as

7. which of the following has little or no bearing on the carrying capacity (tph) of belt conveyor?

8. in endless scraper chain conveyor after every three to four links there is one very important item is provided what is that item

9. which of the following has low FOS and not suitable for shock load or too heavy load

10. which of the following serves as fire-resistant material in belt conveyor

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