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Mine Environment Questions and Answers

1. it plays an important role in human tolerance of high wet bulb temperature

2. kata thermometer is used to learn

3. which of the following refrigerant is used as coolant in KGF reef champion mine

4. it is a psychological index of comfort under certain environment developed by medical research council of Britain

5. which of the following drilling causes less bit wear

6. this is the temperature developed by yaglou to combine DB, WB, air velocity to a thermo-equivalent condition of still, saturated air

7. which of the following instrument is preferably used for counting and size analysis of a suspended cloud of aerosols

8. it has a large latent heat of evaporation, evaporates and condenses nearly at atmospheric temperature and pressure identify it

9. it is the ratio of the power actually absorbed by the impeller and converted into the head of the power applied to the shaft

10. it is the equation which gives the estimate of the pressure drop for laminar flow of viscous fluids through pipes. Name the equation

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