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1. In a cut-and-fill stope, the main purpose of back filling is to

2. bypass valve in a compressed oxygen type self contained breathing apparatus is meant to

3. solution of the differential equation dy/dx = ky follow exponential decay (where k is a constant) for x ∈ [0,∞] if

4. which one of the following is the most likely mode of slope failure for waste dump

5. Cyclone, bag filter and scrubber can be used for control of

6. A mine waste dump of pH 5.2 can be neutralized by adding

7. In the coward flammability diagram, the perspective percentages of methane and oxygen at the noise limit are

8. if the transpose of matrix is equal to its inverse, then the matrix is

9. in the mohrs scale of hardness, the minerals in increasing sequence of hardness are

10. long hole drilling with crater blasting is used for the construction of

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