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1. which one of the following term is not related to opencast mining?

2. As per MMR 1961, mine plan of a having large opencast working shall be on a scale having a representative factor of?

3. Maximum permissible gradient for the haul road in opencast mines is?

4. In Case of an opencast blasting the danger zone comprises of area within the radius of

5. in case of an O.C. mine, if the pit wall are too steep to allow suitable bends the layout of haull road geometry selected should be?

6. to open a mine for deep seated, the cut used is

7. In ultimate pit analysis the most widely used method is

8. for O.B. removal with shovel-dumper combination, the optimum size of the dumper depends on

9. the blasting technique used for controlled throw of overburden is known as

10. which one of the following is the most likely mode of slope failure for waste dump

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  1. Waste dump- circular failure
    Haul road maxm gradient- 1 in 16


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