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1. out of support categories given for an underground coal mine, identify the active support

2. messive sandstone in immediate roof delays the local fall in goaf of a coql mine. under this condition, crushing of the pillas at outbye side is called

3. the angle in degrees at which a ridge line intersect contours is

4. in a drum hoisting system through a vertical shaft, overwinding is prevented by

5. the excess pore pressure in backfill material in a cut-and-fill stope leads to

6. the primary purpose of cut holes for blasting in underground drivage is to

7. Dilatancy of rock is associated with

8. low shock and high gas pressure explosive is generally used for the blasting of

9. in a fully mechanised bord and pillar mining system winning of coal and its transportation from the face is commonly carried out with the combination of

10. in self-contained chemical oxygen self rescuer, oxygen is produced by

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