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1. identify the wrong statement, pit bottom air lock

2. identify the wrong statement, the temperature inversion of the atmosphere in surface mines aggravates the problem of

3. In a CO self rescuer, the purpose of the calcium bromide and lithium chloride mixture is to

4. tricone drill bit is a type of

5. exposure of weak roof in a Junction of a development district in a coal mine can be decreased by

6. the property that cannot be determined from uniaxial compressive strength test of a rock sample fitted with strain gauge is

7. ward- leonard system is provided in the winding system in order to

8. the equipment not related to extraction of coal from long wall face

9. shear strength of rock is not depend on

10. A flat longwall panel is mined out at an area having subsidence factor a. the measured maximum substance on the surface is S for a mining height of m. the subject is subcritical if

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